Friday, December 2, 2016

Swiss Ticino Guesthouse - Mae Wang -/ Chiang Mai - Tour -3- to Pha Chor Canyon

Swiss Ticino Guesthouse / Mae Wang - Cycling Tour Map -3-

Come discover the charm of Mae Wang. 
At Swiss Ticino Guesthouse you can choose from several Tour proposals from the very relaxing suitable for any person and any bicycle style; Road, Touring, Tandem and MTB  bicycles; to the more challenging rides requiring a certain commitment.
Tour will be cruising along small countryside roads with very less traffic.The highlight of the tour takes to Pha Chor Canyon in the Mae Wang National Park. Visiting interesting scenic places and traditional local villages and northern style Temples. Mostly riding along small roads through rice fields and some gently Hills climb. A cycling pleasure by the variety of scenarios and for the experience of the authentic northern Thai culture.

Note: this Tour need a certain attention for Tandem cycling

This is just a brief view of what await you here ... 
see you soon and, Happy ride!

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